You have the floor

William Shakespeare wrote that life is a stage, and each one of us has a part to play there. Theatre – with its language of metaphor – affects areas of language even in fields that are not immediately connected to the arts. The expressions for business meetings and government meetings can be one such area. Just as companies’ and governments’ “performances” get written about in … Continuer de lire You have the floor

Sharpening definitions

From the very literal…to the metaphorical… to somewhere in between Sometimes, it is very easy to see why we name things a certain way.Sometimes, the terms for things can be pretty literal. Consider, for example, the silky anteater. It is called that because its fur is soft and smooth – one of the definitions of silky – and, in addition to that, this animal eats … Continuer de lire Sharpening definitions

The meaning behind the movement

Does Impressionism make a big impression on you? Are you pretty Modern in your tastes of art? Or would you prefer something contemporary? “Wait,” you might think. “Modern”… isn’t that synonymous with “contemporary”?Not necessarily, is the answer, as things go. Some art movements have names that appeal to our logic more than others. This is definitely something to bear in mind when looking at names … Continuer de lire The meaning behind the movement

Interview with Sarah Strange

Sarah Strange writes poetry on her « Poet in the Woods » blog, where it is enjoyed by readers from around the world, from places as far afield as Chile, Lithuania and the Seychelles. This year her blog received its 200,000th visit. With topics ranging from travel accounts, to tributes to cultural icons, to reflections on life’s surprises, the poetry of Sarah Strange is diverse in subject matter … Continuer de lire Interview with Sarah Strange

Interview with Mimi Kunz

Mimi Kunz has had her works exhibited internationally – in locations ranging from Glasgow to the Nature Art Biennale in Gonju, South Korea. Furthermore, her exhibition « Shapes of a Day » is still available to enjoy online until 23rd August this year. Her most recent physical solo exhibition was « Pedestrians », in the Muntpunt Grand Café of Brussels (by the city’s renowned Muntpunt Opera House.) She has lived in various different … Continuer de lire Interview with Mimi Kunz

The seams of language: textile names bind molecules and continents together

We wrap them around us… but have you ever considered the origins of the names of clothing material? In English, organic fabrics have diverse origins. Sometimes these are Germanic in origin, such as wool, sometimes Latinate, as in cotton. Sometimes, the whole span of Indo-European languages comes into play, with soft cashmere taking its name from the region of Kashmir in South Asia. As technology … Continuer de lire The seams of language: textile names bind molecules and continents together