Interview with Sarah Strange

Sarah Strange writes poetry on her « Poet in the Woods » blog, where it is enjoyed by readers from around the world, from places as far afield as Chile, Lithuania and the Seychelles. This year her blog received its 200,000th visit. With topics ranging from travel accounts, to tributes to cultural icons, to reflections on life’s surprises, the poetry of Sarah Strange is diverse in subject matter … Continuer de lire Interview with Sarah Strange

Interview with Mimi Kunz

Mimi Kunz has had her works exhibited internationally – in locations ranging from Glasgow to the Nature Art Biennale in Gonju, South Korea. Furthermore, her exhibition « Shapes of a Day » is still available to enjoy online until 23rd August this year. Her most recent physical solo exhibition was « Pedestrians », in the Muntpunt Grand Café of Brussels (by the city’s renowned Muntpunt Opera House.) She has lived in various different … Continuer de lire Interview with Mimi Kunz